Sunday, 24 November 2013

Le Pompidou

Days are getting shorter...nights are getting darker. However Sophie and I braced the cold and windy weather and headed out to The Pompidou centre. Recognisable for its interesting and modern exterior, the Pompidou houses more than 60,000 works of modern art, making it the largest collection in Europe of modern and contemporary art.

The building looks like it has been turned inside out, and in fact it has, with all of the technical equipment and pipelines on the outside of the building, creating more space inside.

We found this particularly funky little room which Sophie and I named the 'Iceberg'.

Having studied History of Art for 2 years I learned to appreciate art which I otherwise probably wouldn't have looked twice at.

I learned that with modern art it it not so much what you can actually see which is important but rather the idea behind it. Sophie wasn't so convinced...

And to be honest, neither was I particularly. I have found now that most of the time it is well worth the money and effort to walk around with a guide. You learn to appreciate the art, not only for its aesthetics but rather for the message behind it.

Sophie liked our 'Iceberg' so we headed back there on our way back...

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