Sunday, 26 January 2014

LOH Fashion Show

Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris has come and gone and I was very grateful to have received my first ever invitation for a show! Okay.. fine it didn't exactly have my name on it... it had my boss' name. But that's besides the point really. To cut it short, I was asked to represent her at LOH Paris' first ever Haute Couture Show and I was absolutely thrilled.

I managed to wangle another ticket so the other intern, Alice could come with me. We woke up very excited and heading to the super glamorous, George V hotel.

After handing in our invitations, we were ushered into the waiting room where we anxiously waited to be shown to our seats.

It was at this moment that my ego erupted.. as I was asked by a very lovely American girl if I had bought my hat from Maison Michel, Chanel's Chapellier (Milliner). I went so red and awkward and didn't have the courage to tell her it was only from &OtherStories. I think my brothers deserve another huge thank you for finding this little beauty for me for Christmas.

I had heard that Fashion Shows never run on time, but I was pretty surprised when we were lingering in the waiting room for already an hour. Eventually we were shown to our seats, very good seats at that.

We were definitely sat behind some massive BNOC's (Big name on Campus) - or in other words, some serious big dogs from the fashion industry. I think I may have even been papped... Okay fine, the camera was definitely not pointing at me, but I managed to sneakily pop my head in for a couple.

The Nature theme was evident from the beginning when they brought in a huge owl.

After about half an hour of sitting down (bearing in mind we are now running 1 and a half hours late), we were treated to a short 'magic' performance. Essentially the gentleman picked out people's personal possession's from the crowd and his partner, who was blindfolded, was able to say what they were and also the names on people's cards etc. Although it was pretty impressive, her nervousness masked by elaborate explanations of the objects left me unconvinced.

Finally the show started...

I was a little less than impressed when the first model came out wearing leggings and a jacket.

After a pretty rocky start, they only just redeemed themselves with a couple of the long dresses.

Unfortunately it was obvious it was their first show due to the long and awkward pauses between models.

The finale consisted of an elaborate and gorgeous wedding gown.

They pulled out all the stocks, with a violinist, snow machine, another baby owl and a bloomin' wolf!

Obviously seeing as it was my first fashion show I cannot really complain, nor compare. However what I did know was that I wasn't left particularly impressed... In my opinion they tried too hard to include all the fancy pancy stuff like the wolf and the huge explosion of confetti at the end, and failed to concentrate on the things that matter, like hiring models who could actually walk in heels!

However we did have some nice champagne and nibbles at the end.. So I feel bad complaining too much!

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Just Velib'in

Ellie and I woke up, turned to look at each other and wallowed in self pity. To say the least we were not feeling on top form after the night before.

However whatever the situation, I'm not one to bask in bed all day. Instead, I went online and got my 'Velib'' subscription. For all English people reading, Velib's are equivalent to the Boris Bike system. For those of you who are still wondering what on earth I'm babbling on about, it is a bike system in Paris, which enables you to pick up any bike from a bike 'station', and ride around and then return it to any other bike 'station'. 

Theoretically it's the perfect way to travel around Paris, you don't need to wait for metros or buses, and you can go wherever you want and return the bike to wherever you please without having to lock it up anywhere. Furthermore, it's a great way to visit the city and really get a feel for it. That is if you feel confident enough being on the same road as the renowned crazy French drivers.

To be honest, I was a little bit nervous. Not because I'm not a strong biker, but rather I take the bus to work everyday and I know how crazily close vehicles go to bikers. Soooo close it' worrying.

After a wobbly start and a few near misses, we made our way to Republique.

Ellie is a bit of an expert now as she bikes everywhere, so whilst she was racing ahead, all anyone could hear were the screeching of my brakes every 2 seconds. (Even the slightest pressure on my brakes would make the most horrific eye-watering squeal- at least this meant drivers knew exactly where I was).

We arrived in Republique in one piece thankfully, and then carried on up to Villiers, where Ellie's little cupboard of a room awaited.. I had had enough for one day. One day at a time!

Until next time you little tikes of bikes....

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