Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Belated Taste of Christmas

Christmas is well and gone and it's almost too late to wish someone a Happy New Year.. However that will not stop me reviving a bit of the Christmas magic.

Mid-November time, after seeing the wonderful Tom Odell in concert the night before, I popped on the Eurostar to London to see my dad, brothers and Adam.

Seeing as I still didn't have an oyster card at this point the journey home took a littttllee bit longer than expected. (to those concerned about my well-being as a result of this I can assure that I am still alive- London has not chewed me up yet).

The following day, Ollie Adam and I had organised to meet Daddy and James at the Taste the Christmas event at the Tobacco Docks. Despite the long journey across London due to the numerous underground works, we may it in time and started off our day with a Taylor's coffee in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other.

Anyone with even the faintest spark of intelligence will have probably guessed by now the origins of the Tobacco Docks.. and for those who haven't, shame on you. In 1990 this Grade 1 listed warehouse was redeveloped at the cost of £47 million, in the aim to make it the 'Covent Garden of the East End'. Obviously this didn't take shape and is now used for big exhibitions and large corporate events instead.

There are a number of stalls around the Docks, selling speciality cheeses, wine, teas, chocolate and jams.

The currency of the Taste of Christmas fair is "Crowns". In order to make payment a lot faster at the stalls, you must convert your money into crowns.

It was nice seeing my brothers again. Now we've all grown up and we've parted the nest (well-nearly James!) we're rarely together just us three.

As well as having lots of stalls of goodies there are quite a few professionals who come in, both to do demonstrations or to teach classes.

I would highly recommend heading there next year. Not too pricey to get in with a ticket around only £26, it's a fabulous way to get into the Christmas spirit and buy some genuinely delicious foods. (SO delicious I genuinely got asked to leave the Garlic Farm stall by the owner himself as I ate all of his crackers and garlicy-sauces.)

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