Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dishoom and The Breakfast Club

Indian and a Full English. That is what I miss the most about living in England. I've tried making curries in Paris but they never seem to be quite right, probably because I can never find the exact ingredients I'm looking for.

In order to get to the 'International' section in supermarkets in Paris, one must first trek down the miles and miles of yoghurt and cheese aisles, only to be disappointed that the 'international' section of Carrefour consists of one dusty and lonely jar of chilli flakes and some soy sauce. SO TRAGIC.

So whenever I go home that is the number one item on my menu. 

When I was told we were headed to an Indian restaurant in Covent Garden I didn't think much of it, that was until I saw the long queue outside of Dishoom ... at 5.30pm. I knew it was going to be something of a treat!

Queueing is the one thing I cannot stand. However after hearing the rave reviews we decided to stick with it. That, and they were also kind enough to bring us some aromatic chai tea whilst we were stood outside. After making it to the front of the queue outside, and then having a few nibbles and drinks downstairs in the bar we finally made it to our table.

The interiors were beautiful and warming, reflecting and respecting the old-style Bombay cafes that used to be everywhere, but have now practically disappeared.

Often when menus don't take the normal format we recognise of starters, main courses and desserts, we get a little baffled. Serving small portions of genuine Indian cuisine, Dishoom does just that. However our very helpful waitress was on hand, just in time to tell Daddy that he over-ordered...again.

It was one of those menus that you just didn't know what to have because it all looked so bloomin' great! We decided in the end on about 10 dishes between 5 of us. My favourite was MURGH MALAI- chicken that has been soaked overnight in garlic, ginger, coriander and cream and MAHI TIKKA, an asian bassa fillet marinaded in a yoghurty-sauce. It was absolutely deliciiious!

The following day we headed to the Breakfast Club in Angel, a restaurant that Oliver had already been to and said was great. Once again we had to queue for about half an hour outside, but I realised from experience at Dishoom that it would definitely be worth the wait.

The menu was an absolute dream. There were Pancakes, Waffles, Pork Baps, The Full English, Muselis, Porridge, Eggs Florentine on offer, all to be washed down with freshly-made smoothies and coffee.

The place was just so coool. Photos are stuck all over the yolk-yellow walls along with weird paper-mache sculptures, old cinema tickets and cuttings from magazine. It's like the funky bedroom of an 80's teen, which I guess is appropriate given the name!

I uummed and ahhhed for a while over the menu. Good pancakes are rare to come by... (Except obviously the best are still my Dad's) .... but so is a good Full English. SO in the end I decided on both: Pancakes, sausages, eggs, potatoes and pancakes with a nice little pot of maple syrup on the side.

If you're prepared to wait a little while, I would definitely go and give the Breakfast Club a go! The food is not only great but the place is just so awesome. Perfect washing down a Huge Breakfast with not only some smoothie but also with a bit of Britney in the background. If I lived in London this would definitely be my 'the-day-after' hangover spot.
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  1. I love both of these palces- especially Dishoom as it was the first place I ever had Indian food!
    Heroine In Heels

  2. I've met one of the brothers that started Dishoom and he's so charming, and so passionate about his food, and makes a mean chai!

    I haven't been in aggggees. I need a trip to London.
    I love your blog m'dear!

    Amber xo