Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hot Stuff: ZARA

Right, so last week I gave you the hot stuff I checked out on Asos. This time I give you Zara. 

I really mean it when I say I'm a die - hard Zara fan. Seriously. I can spot a Zara piece instantly when I cross someone in the street, not because I have a particularly great memory (I have in fact have the concentration span of a small flea) but just because I probably wanted to buy it for myself at one point. 

I honestly think Zara is such a revolutionary store, not necessarily revolutionary in their style but in the way that wearing a Zara ensemble instantly makes any woman, young or older, look classy, chic and smart whilst being bang on trend.

Although the quality isn't always top, their clothes are so wearable and don't cost a fortune. Saying that, going once a week like I used to do before I suppressed that little addiction wasn't necessarily a good idea for the bank account. Anyway, off we go.

This little top is really delicate and super wearable. It will instantly sophisticate-up a simple top and jeans ensemble.

One thing I often find tricky about spring is the transition between weathers. One moment you're wrapping yourself up in coats, scarves and jumpers under blankets next to the fire, and the next you're wondering whether you even need a coat to step outside. This light jacket is the perfect solution to this first-world-problem which is currently sweeping the nation. In fact, it would go perfectly with the little number before....Just in case you wanted to treat yourself.

The reason I love this skirt is because it literally screams summer. A casual-ed up version of a tennis skirt, it's perfect for a warm summer evening or even a balade in the city.

If you read my last post on the hot stuff on Asos you'll know how I feel about coral.... This skirt is a perfect waist clencher, giving shape to your body, without highlighting the revealing bits.

Sweet Lordy Lord I love this bag. The things I would do... Beautiful soft leather in perfect pastel pink, this makes any biker leather outfit feminine without being toe-curlingly girly either. If you could choose one thing to buy from this list.... this would be it.

I've been eyeing up this dress for a while. It's so elegant and can be worn either for a smart or casual event. Been invited to a summer wedding? I think this would be a beaut summery option. Would even be a gorgeous alternative to a bridesmaids dress I reckon.

Although I'm not a huge one for big in your face prints and crazy embellishments I like a nice bright colour to happy - up an otherwise plain outfit. This bright blazer would work really well with a crisp super white shirt and some jeans with heels.

If a girl's got a nice back she gotta work it. This is a super elegant, light and breezy number for the spring.
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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hot Stuff: ASOS

I don't know about you but I have recently been devouring up all of the great stuff on Asos.

I tried to go with a theme for this but it didn't seem to work too well as there were so many things I wanted to get my hands on! Anyway.. buckle up and off we go. Before we start promise me you won't buy it all before my salary comes in...

Tone down a hard black leather by wearing this pastel leather skirt instead. A great look for the Spring either at work or a smart drinks party. Team that with some little white strappy heals and a light - weight white T-shirt and you've got yourself a sophisticated and sexy spring ensemble.

I am loving this beautiful pink pastel blazer. It's girly and fun It can literally go with anything as well. Tight blue or black jeans would work well with this. 

I've been looking for one of these short/jacket combos for a while and this one is really beautiful! Even just the shorts or jacket separately too works well.

If you prefer pink and have slightly more expensive taste then perhaps this one would appeal more...

I am obsessed with this mint colour and this dress is just perfect for those hot days where all you want is to wear a nice breezy number. Honestly, a lot of the time I don't even care what the actual item of clothing is, if its in mint, I'm nearly guaranteed to buy it. Now you've been warned, don't be surprised when I whip out my mint bum bag. 

Despite the fact that I shuddered a little bit when I saw it was Jack Wills, I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this cool bomber. A little print goes a long way (especially Liberty) so make sure to match this with an otherwise plain ensemble.

Now don't tell me your hands aren't itching to stroke this beauty. I love suede and this soft brown makes for a light, casual spring jacket for those slightly chillier evenings. I know its a tad expensive but my 21st birthday is coming up.... soooo.... for those reading....

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever wanted to not leave your bed and walk out of the house wrapped in your dressing gown. Those who can relate to this.... I think we've found a more sophisticated way to do this with this wrap number

Another stunning coat. Smart, sophisticated, simple and spring-y. A little bit spenny though but bearing in mind it's BA&SH you just know the fabric quality will be top.

I know we're heading into spring but I can't help but think of this jacket paired with a black turtle neck and a dash of red lipstick for a smart winter evening soiree. I must say this model pulls off this look spectacularly well.

Another smart jacket that would go perfectly with some tight black (maybe even ripped... o errrr) skinnies.

I've had a long standing romance with the colour coral. Great with a tan (not that I actually get one) and great as a nail polish colour. Embrace the summer-y vibes by popping this on for a nice evening out.

Once again a dash of coral... I just couldn't resist this mini skirt. Perfect length that's both sophisticated and a bit sexy to show off your bronzed legs. 
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Sunday, 27 April 2014

365 Days Happy

You will have probably seen recently the new craze hitting social media platforms such as Instagram and Twiter: the 100 Day Happy Challenge. You have to find one thing in your day for 100 days that makes you truly happy. I absolutely love this - except I thought to myself, why only 100 days? Why not try a whole year?

This challenge comes at a very important time in my life: for a little while I've felt a bit down in the dumps, but without really realising and addressing any issues. Once you're in the 'dumps' it's a little tricky to get out- it can sometimes be a comfortable place to be and it's then easier to look at the bad things rather than the good. Sometimes though you've got to get yourself out from under your warm and comfortable duvet and jump out of bed. Big changes don't happen by staying in your comfort zone. And that is why I've been making an effort over the past few days to write down at least 5 good things that happen each day.

For some, it may seem a bit tricky to even find one thing that you've done to make you happy that day. However, if you really sit down and think about it and challenge yourself to dig deeper you may even find 20 things that have really made you smile.

These 'fun things' can range from things inviting your best friend over, things that you've succeeded at such as learning some vocabulary in a new language, running 2k longer than you normally do, losing some weight or doing a difficult task that you've been meaning to do for a while. Think about what you've done well at today, or what other people have said you've done well in today. I even dare you to congratulate yourself. Give yourself a break and actually be nice to yourself - I promise you you'll feel worlds better.

These little things sound so utterly simple but when you're feeling a bit rubbish your brain just doesn't recognise them, in fact your mind can even edit and wipe out all the good things completely! This is because when you're only looking for the bad things, you can't accept the good.

So, I challenge you my gorgeous readers, to find at least 5 things that you've done today to make you smile, and I will do the same. It is absolutely possible to be 365 days happy.

I have come up with my top 3 things to do that make me really happy and feel great... just in case you need a bit of inspiration.


I very much agree with the 'a tidy house makes for a tidy mind' idea. There is nothing better to de-clutter your mind than to de-clutter your home. Put one day a side to really clean your house or apartment. Throw away all of the stuff you don't use (or even better- put it in a big black bag for charity), dust down those shelves, untangle the jewellery away and fold your clothes. Doesn't that feel better already?

Once you've cleared your wardrobe, swept all nonsense off your floors and shelves, wash your sheets. Make your bed with brand new fresh sheets and make sure you put in some extra fabric conditioner to make it smell really fresh. Plump up those pillows, air the duvet and make your bed your sleeping cloud.

Right, now you've down the hard part. Next, light a scented candle. Sometimes they can be pretty pricey but it's best to get a big one that's going to last a while, and a scent that you are happy filling your house with. The cheaper ones can be quite sickly cheapy scents so it's better to really invest.

So, I can picture it now. Beautiful tidy room, made bed ready to jump into, lit candle in the corner. Congratulations!!!! You have nested. Now before you really start to nestle into your bed, make sure that your laptop and phone is off. I know that sometimes the nicest thing to do is turn off your brain by watching Graham Norton or some Channel 4 documentary however I would really advise against it. If you watch a program before bed, I assure you your brain will not switch off for a little while after you finally turn it off. It will be spinning around and won't finally relax for another half an hour. The best thing to do is to read a book, magazine, do some sudoku or just do something than doesn't involve any electronics. Get into the habit of leaving your electronics in another room. Your bedroom should be our haven.


What makes you even more tired? Doing absolutely nothing. Don't get me wrong- there are some days when it's good to sit around and not to much. When I say that though, that doesn't mean sit on the sofa and really do nothing. I guarantee by the end of the day you will be feeling worse than when you actually started. Get up and do something, even if this is just going for a 20 minute walk you will feel far more energised. Also you'll feel like you've achieved something, even if its small.

From experience, the days that I've felt really rubbish are the days that I haven't achieved anything. Making lists is a great way to identify all of the good and active things that you've done in one day. Write down even the littlest of chores that you want to achieve in a day. This can be, doing the laundry, or writing a thank you letter to going on a run, doing an essay or telephoning a family member. By writing a list you immediately give yourself direction for the day and will once you've finished, you'll be happy you've done all those little things you've been meaning to do for a while.


So super easy, but rarely done. Why do we always give ourselves such a hard time? And I don't just mean to other people, but also to yourself. For some reason, a lot of us criticise and torture ourselves over what other people think, or the way we look or even how rubbish we are at a certain something. Most of it isn't even true. To start off, concentrate on the things that you are good at. Are you an excellent organiser? Do you thrive in social situations? Do you have an incredible sense of style? Tell yourself that. If you don't genuinely believe it then no one else will. I often ask people what they really love about themselves and it's strange how many people can't even tell me one thing. There are more than enough nasty people in the world to tell you you're crap at something. Be the nice one!

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Issey Mikaye

So in my last post I took you to the front row at the Nina Ricci show. Well this time I'm taking you back to the Tuileries, but instead to check out Issey Miyake.
Wind back a month ago when I told you about rushing out of the office to Nina Ricci...As I was rushing out of the office clutching my invitation I passed a dashing young man outside of our front door asking what floor the agency was on. He was holding the most beautiful bouquet of white flowers. Assuming they were for either one of my bosses who will regularly receive such gifts, I quickly told him where to go and dashed out.

Little did I know those flowers were for me as a thank you. I was totally and utterly overwhelmed and absolutely chuffed to bits.

So you're probably sitting there thinking how my day could possibly get better: front row at Nina Ricci, brushed shoulders with Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo, bunch of beautiful flowers... tatatee tatata as Maya would say. I then come home for Maya to ask me if I wanted to come to the Issey Miyake show with her the following day.

Urmmm... yes?

So the following day I met Maya at the Tuileries again. This time for to admire Issey's interesting and out-of-the-box creations.

Always grabbing people's attention, Issey's show started with models bringing out folded, half-moon shaped 'portfolios' which turned into garments.

The clothes moved mesmerisingly and organically to the rhythm to the live guitarists.

I definitely left a happy bunny. It was such a privilege to have been invited to two shows during fashion week. Normally I would be admiring the shows from my computer at work so it was fabulous to have been there live in the action. You really get a far better impression when you can see the collections close up, see the way they are draped and how they move.

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Nina Ricci

There are definitely a few perks to working in Fashion. Some of you have probably already seen my Vogue Fashion Night Out post when I was lucky enough to go to the launch of Ralph Lauren's new Soft Ricky bag. This post comes in the form of another invitation.....

We regularly have very smart invitations whizzing through our letter box. These include invitations to Showrooms, lunches, pre-collections and sales. The end of February is a particularly important time of year for everyone in the fashion world as Fashion Weeks start.

The office was absolutely jam - packed with clients and candidates alike calling up, trying to organise as many meetings with agents as they can whilst they are in Paris for Fashion Week.

When we had a spare moment to catch our breath, Alice and I would eagerly await Vogue's Carte Postale episodes to get a glimpse of the Fashion Week action. They are a superb four minute summary of the day on the catwalks.

With the office being so busy I hardly had a chance to think about it being the last week of my internship. I was totally gutted to be leaving as it really was such an amazing experience. I had learned so much and was able to really get to grips with the exciting world of fashion by meeting so many incredibly interesting and talented people.

My interest and determination was obviously translated into hard work and before I know it one of this beautiful, gold embossed invitation was handed to me by my boss. She knew how much I had always wanted to go to a show and seeing as it was my second to last day she wasn't going to let this opportunity slip.

With only fifteen minutes until the show started, I grabbed my things, cursed myself for not having worn something nicer to work, and shouted a flustered Merci before hopping on the metro and awkwardly run/skipping to the Tuilerie Gardens where the Autumn/Winter 2014 Nina Ricci show was about to start.

I walked down the red carpet laid out for the BNOCs, wafted my invitation before security and was kindly shown to my seat....which was prettttyyy nice.

Once all of the celebrities made their way in, had their time in front of the flashing paparazzi lights and were shown to their front row seats, the show began.

I personally loved Peter Copping's collection. Inspired by loungewear, Copping combined tangible violet silks with elegant furs to create a marvellous blend of laid back sophistication.

The Nina Ricci woman leaves home for work wearing a comfortable wrap coat/dress in playful purples and soft greys, and returns home from an elegant soiree wearing a surprisingly sexy lace number.

I absolutely loved this burgundy, barely-there revealing evening gown which would be fitting for a modern day Femme Fatale.

Although some of the darker dresses covered in sequins didn't necessarily rock my world I believed the collection to be on the whole a very strong one. Copping showed us a little bit more thigh, a little bit more sex, and a little bit more fur nestled on those sophisticated yet casual winter wrap coats.

Getting on the metro back to Bastille was a pretty underwhelming experience, especially once you've just brushed shoulders with Ana Wintour, Jessica Alba and Grace Coddington.

For those of you who are now tutting under your breath that I shouldn't have left my internship.. don't worry I'm back. Let's just say a week off from being Agent 024 wasn't too much fun... for obvious reasons.
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