Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hot Stuff: ZARA

Right, so last week I gave you the hot stuff I checked out on Asos. This time I give you Zara. 

I really mean it when I say I'm a die - hard Zara fan. Seriously. I can spot a Zara piece instantly when I cross someone in the street, not because I have a particularly great memory (I have in fact have the concentration span of a small flea) but just because I probably wanted to buy it for myself at one point. 

I honestly think Zara is such a revolutionary store, not necessarily revolutionary in their style but in the way that wearing a Zara ensemble instantly makes any woman, young or older, look classy, chic and smart whilst being bang on trend.

Although the quality isn't always top, their clothes are so wearable and don't cost a fortune. Saying that, going once a week like I used to do before I suppressed that little addiction wasn't necessarily a good idea for the bank account. Anyway, off we go.

This little top is really delicate and super wearable. It will instantly sophisticate-up a simple top and jeans ensemble.

One thing I often find tricky about spring is the transition between weathers. One moment you're wrapping yourself up in coats, scarves and jumpers under blankets next to the fire, and the next you're wondering whether you even need a coat to step outside. This light jacket is the perfect solution to this first-world-problem which is currently sweeping the nation. In fact, it would go perfectly with the little number before....Just in case you wanted to treat yourself.

The reason I love this skirt is because it literally screams summer. A casual-ed up version of a tennis skirt, it's perfect for a warm summer evening or even a balade in the city.

If you read my last post on the hot stuff on Asos you'll know how I feel about coral.... This skirt is a perfect waist clencher, giving shape to your body, without highlighting the revealing bits.

Sweet Lordy Lord I love this bag. The things I would do... Beautiful soft leather in perfect pastel pink, this makes any biker leather outfit feminine without being toe-curlingly girly either. If you could choose one thing to buy from this list.... this would be it.

I've been eyeing up this dress for a while. It's so elegant and can be worn either for a smart or casual event. Been invited to a summer wedding? I think this would be a beaut summery option. Would even be a gorgeous alternative to a bridesmaids dress I reckon.

Although I'm not a huge one for big in your face prints and crazy embellishments I like a nice bright colour to happy - up an otherwise plain outfit. This bright blazer would work really well with a crisp super white shirt and some jeans with heels.

If a girl's got a nice back she gotta work it. This is a super elegant, light and breezy number for the spring.
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