Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hot Stuff: ASOS

I don't know about you but I have recently been devouring up all of the great stuff on Asos.

I tried to go with a theme for this but it didn't seem to work too well as there were so many things I wanted to get my hands on! Anyway.. buckle up and off we go. Before we start promise me you won't buy it all before my salary comes in...

Tone down a hard black leather by wearing this pastel leather skirt instead. A great look for the Spring either at work or a smart drinks party. Team that with some little white strappy heals and a light - weight white T-shirt and you've got yourself a sophisticated and sexy spring ensemble.

I am loving this beautiful pink pastel blazer. It's girly and fun It can literally go with anything as well. Tight blue or black jeans would work well with this. 

I've been looking for one of these short/jacket combos for a while and this one is really beautiful! Even just the shorts or jacket separately too works well.

If you prefer pink and have slightly more expensive taste then perhaps this one would appeal more...

I am obsessed with this mint colour and this dress is just perfect for those hot days where all you want is to wear a nice breezy number. Honestly, a lot of the time I don't even care what the actual item of clothing is, if its in mint, I'm nearly guaranteed to buy it. Now you've been warned, don't be surprised when I whip out my mint bum bag. 

Despite the fact that I shuddered a little bit when I saw it was Jack Wills, I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this cool bomber. A little print goes a long way (especially Liberty) so make sure to match this with an otherwise plain ensemble.

Now don't tell me your hands aren't itching to stroke this beauty. I love suede and this soft brown makes for a light, casual spring jacket for those slightly chillier evenings. I know its a tad expensive but my 21st birthday is coming up.... soooo.... for those reading....

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever wanted to not leave your bed and walk out of the house wrapped in your dressing gown. Those who can relate to this.... I think we've found a more sophisticated way to do this with this wrap number

Another stunning coat. Smart, sophisticated, simple and spring-y. A little bit spenny though but bearing in mind it's BA&SH you just know the fabric quality will be top.

I know we're heading into spring but I can't help but think of this jacket paired with a black turtle neck and a dash of red lipstick for a smart winter evening soiree. I must say this model pulls off this look spectacularly well.

Another smart jacket that would go perfectly with some tight black (maybe even ripped... o errrr) skinnies.

I've had a long standing romance with the colour coral. Great with a tan (not that I actually get one) and great as a nail polish colour. Embrace the summer-y vibes by popping this on for a nice evening out.

Once again a dash of coral... I just couldn't resist this mini skirt. Perfect length that's both sophisticated and a bit sexy to show off your bronzed legs. 
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