Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Nina Ricci

There are definitely a few perks to working in Fashion. Some of you have probably already seen my Vogue Fashion Night Out post when I was lucky enough to go to the launch of Ralph Lauren's new Soft Ricky bag. This post comes in the form of another invitation.....

We regularly have very smart invitations whizzing through our letter box. These include invitations to Showrooms, lunches, pre-collections and sales. The end of February is a particularly important time of year for everyone in the fashion world as Fashion Weeks start.

The office was absolutely jam - packed with clients and candidates alike calling up, trying to organise as many meetings with agents as they can whilst they are in Paris for Fashion Week.

When we had a spare moment to catch our breath, Alice and I would eagerly await Vogue's Carte Postale episodes to get a glimpse of the Fashion Week action. They are a superb four minute summary of the day on the catwalks.

With the office being so busy I hardly had a chance to think about it being the last week of my internship. I was totally gutted to be leaving as it really was such an amazing experience. I had learned so much and was able to really get to grips with the exciting world of fashion by meeting so many incredibly interesting and talented people.

My interest and determination was obviously translated into hard work and before I know it one of this beautiful, gold embossed invitation was handed to me by my boss. She knew how much I had always wanted to go to a show and seeing as it was my second to last day she wasn't going to let this opportunity slip.

With only fifteen minutes until the show started, I grabbed my things, cursed myself for not having worn something nicer to work, and shouted a flustered Merci before hopping on the metro and awkwardly run/skipping to the Tuilerie Gardens where the Autumn/Winter 2014 Nina Ricci show was about to start.

I walked down the red carpet laid out for the BNOCs, wafted my invitation before security and was kindly shown to my seat....which was prettttyyy nice.

Once all of the celebrities made their way in, had their time in front of the flashing paparazzi lights and were shown to their front row seats, the show began.

I personally loved Peter Copping's collection. Inspired by loungewear, Copping combined tangible violet silks with elegant furs to create a marvellous blend of laid back sophistication.

The Nina Ricci woman leaves home for work wearing a comfortable wrap coat/dress in playful purples and soft greys, and returns home from an elegant soiree wearing a surprisingly sexy lace number.

I absolutely loved this burgundy, barely-there revealing evening gown which would be fitting for a modern day Femme Fatale.

Although some of the darker dresses covered in sequins didn't necessarily rock my world I believed the collection to be on the whole a very strong one. Copping showed us a little bit more thigh, a little bit more sex, and a little bit more fur nestled on those sophisticated yet casual winter wrap coats.

Getting on the metro back to Bastille was a pretty underwhelming experience, especially once you've just brushed shoulders with Ana Wintour, Jessica Alba and Grace Coddington.

For those of you who are now tutting under your breath that I shouldn't have left my internship.. don't worry I'm back. Let's just say a week off from being Agent 024 wasn't too much fun... for obvious reasons.
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