Monday, 21 April 2014

Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Issey Mikaye

So in my last post I took you to the front row at the Nina Ricci show. Well this time I'm taking you back to the Tuileries, but instead to check out Issey Miyake.
Wind back a month ago when I told you about rushing out of the office to Nina Ricci...As I was rushing out of the office clutching my invitation I passed a dashing young man outside of our front door asking what floor the agency was on. He was holding the most beautiful bouquet of white flowers. Assuming they were for either one of my bosses who will regularly receive such gifts, I quickly told him where to go and dashed out.

Little did I know those flowers were for me as a thank you. I was totally and utterly overwhelmed and absolutely chuffed to bits.

So you're probably sitting there thinking how my day could possibly get better: front row at Nina Ricci, brushed shoulders with Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo, bunch of beautiful flowers... tatatee tatata as Maya would say. I then come home for Maya to ask me if I wanted to come to the Issey Miyake show with her the following day.

Urmmm... yes?

So the following day I met Maya at the Tuileries again. This time for to admire Issey's interesting and out-of-the-box creations.

Always grabbing people's attention, Issey's show started with models bringing out folded, half-moon shaped 'portfolios' which turned into garments.

The clothes moved mesmerisingly and organically to the rhythm to the live guitarists.

I definitely left a happy bunny. It was such a privilege to have been invited to two shows during fashion week. Normally I would be admiring the shows from my computer at work so it was fabulous to have been there live in the action. You really get a far better impression when you can see the collections close up, see the way they are draped and how they move.

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