Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Scones, Soirées and Snapshots of Paris

After long working hours during the week I don't tend to do much on the weekends. However for the past two weekends I have been keeping myself thoroughly occupied, especially as Daddy White popped over from London for a weekend in Paris with me!

On Friday night Kathleen, Josie and I headed for a few cocktails at one of the many bars down my road, rue de la Roquette, near Bastille.

I then popped over to the 1st to see Will and Rosie after their romantic dinner for a couple of (very expensive!) G&Ts!

So as I said in my last Paris post I received some super delish Whittards Afternoon Tea for my birthday. So I figured why not make some scones to accompany tea as an after- dinner treat? Now I have never made scones before, ever. The prospect therefore of baking such an English delight to the French was quite a daunting one. I felt I had the whole of the British public relying on me this evening....

I had one quick look at Mary Berry's scones recipe online, decided there was far too much preparation and work needed so quickly went back to good old BBC Good Recipe. Always delivers. They were actually surprisingly easy to make and although were nowhere near the standard of my Granny's scones, they were still pretty good.

So last weekend it was time for my first visitor to Paris. I remember everyone saying 'Oh I can't wait to come and visit I'm sure you'll be able to show us around!!'. However this has definitely not been the case...although I do know my way around here very well seeing as I have been here for over a month, I hqdn't yet had the chance to do all of the touristy things so the thought of being someone's tour guide for a weekend was a little bit daunting..

First things first, on Friday night we went to a lovely restaurant which I found on Time Out's 50 Best Parisian restaurants called The Pirouette, in the 1st arr very close to Etienne Marcel.

I wanted to go to a French restaurant seeing as my dad was visiting, although this one had a nice modern - bistrot feel.

My lovely friend Sophie who is also on her year abroad in Paris came along as well as my flatmate, Maya.

A delicious little nibble to start..

...and some nice wine!

I ordered a delicious fish main course which is a bit of a treat as I've found fish very pricey in Paris!

It was so nice to see my dad as I hadn't seen him for over a month!

We all know one day I'll have a wall covered in this much wine...

After a scrumptious dinner I later headed to my boss' birthday soirée. Let's just say it was by no means an early night so the next morning the prospect of being a tourist with my dad for a day was looming over ominously. However a large Parisian brunch was definitely the ticket and was the perfect start to our busy day to come.

Believe it or not, this is scrambled egg!.. and a large portion at that.

After our enormous and filling breakfast we headed towards Sacré Coeur at Monmartre.

We stopped and checked out this amazing street artist.

Then took the metro to Madeleine... (I warned you this would be a touristy post!!)

We made our way to the Tuileries..

Even though exactly 181 years have passed since Manet painted Music in the Tuileries, the culture of strolling around these beautifully manicured gardens is still so alive.

We passed the padlock bridge..

For those who don't know, this is where the loved-up couples of Paris come to forever cement their relationship. The idea is you lock a padlock to the bars of the bridge and throw the key in the river. Kinda cute really.. Watch this space I think I cringey blog post may be coming your way when Adam visits in a few days..

We made our way to the Eiffel Tower to meet Ellie who was romantically reading her french novel in the gardens...!!

We were feeling slightly peckish after our early brunch so headed towards Marché des Enfants Rouges, Paris' oldest food market.

It doesn't look too glam but the food was super delish, although not particularly French as you can see...

The following day we walked the short distance to Bastille's market to buy some breakfast before Daddy headed back home.

That afternoon Kathleen, Ellie and I devoured the chicken and baguette we bought at the market whilst watching a Trevor McDonald doco. We genuinely had to vacuum the sofa afterwards..


Until next time you cheeky monkeys...
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