Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Late Afternoon Roof-Top Cava

So if you've checked out my Double Locks post this is the follow up. If you're a bit of a clever clogs you'll also have read that I had an exam within the next few days... So taking this and the title of this post on board, you can deduce that indeed this was not the best idea. But those who know me well know that I am so sensible I am almost verging on boring, so I was persuaded by my tremendously persuasive house mates to tear myself away from my Italian verbs and enjoy the last of the sunshine in the afternoon after a lovely day of hard canoeing.

What a lovely way to finish the day. When I'm older I am convinced I will follow in my great-great-great aunt Queenie's footsteps and have a bottle of champagne a day. Why not?
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  1. I LOVE Tesco Cava, honestly utterly delicious and such GOOD value!!
    I LOVE CHAMPAGNE (fav drink, could drink it all day, everyday) so very amusing that your great-great aunt Queenie had a bottle a day, I would like to indulge in that too
    India Alexandra xo

    1. I totally agree- tesco cava is so under-rated!!! x