Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Double Locks

Before you say anything... I know. I have been on such poor poor form recently. I have officially not blogged for a long long time. It's one of those things I've been meaning to get round to do but I've been super busy recently- in a good way though.

Straight after finishing uni and being picked up with my -what seemed like- truck load of stuff and baggage I went straight into my internship and from then on been working 9am-6pm and on weekends as well, so I kind of feel like I've got a relatively valid excuse. Good news is that I've been bringing my camera round with me and taking some shots, saving them up for some upcoming posts. So here's the first one about two months delayed:

I wish I could remember the exact date...was late May sometime before my last Italian exam that the some of my housemates and other friends decided that we would rent some canoes and canoe down to the celebrated Double Locks pub in Exeter, which, as the name may suggest is a pub on a lock (I couldn't spot the other one!)

I braved taking my camera out on the water...

 Double locks had a BBQ stand so we helped ourselves to some burger and cheesy chips....

I love it when everyone's sitting outside basking up the sunshine...

Had a little nap in the sunshine before we headed back.

How often is it you see a British sky looking like this? Thought it deserved a photo

Team heads back home for organised cava and pimms on the roof

As a girl, can't really ask for a better view hey?

For those at Exeter or planning to head there soon I would highly recommend renting out canoes and/or bikes. You can do this from the quay but I would book beforehand because they get snapped up quickly.

Check out my next post for what we got up to afterwards...

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