Thursday, 8 August 2013

An Oasis Amongst Olive Groves

Welcome to our villa: Masseria La Rosa. Large iron gates and high stone walls separate lush gardens from dusty, dry olive groves, creating a fortified oasis of calm.

The rooftop terrace boasted some incredible views over the surrounding land

However the pergola was my favourite place, where we would enjoy fresh Italian lunches and escape the heat of the day.

Fresh vegetables would be hand-picked from the vegetable patch behind the house. So off we would trot and fetch tomatoes, aubergines, fresh basil, courgettes and peppers for lunches and dinners.

Choosing the food from the supermarket would be mine and Patrick's favourite part of the day. Leaping out of our lounge chairs and into our white van, we would drive off to the local Sisa Supermarket. Local salamis, cheeses, breads and hams were all tried and tested after much deliberation.

As you know, I love my fizz. So instead of choosing a local rose or red, we opted for some Prosecco. Why not when you're in Italy?

With our aperitifs it is a family tradition to always play a game of cards

Once my beautiful cousin Daisy fully understood the rules she was a serious game threat.

We went out for dinner on our second night to a lovely local Pizzeria down the road. It was so nice to finally be able to sit outside in the evenings for dinner!

A lovely start to the holiday.

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  1. This looks dreaaaaaaamy!!
    Also - love the changes to the blog layout - it looks beaut. XX

    1. Thanks babe! It was so lovely- except very very delayed posting. Got a few more coming so keep checking xxx