Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Little Ferry, Golspie

Two days after flying back from Puglia I got on another plane; this time to Scotland to see my housemate Harry who lives in the beautiful town of Golspie, an hour north of Inverness.
After a plane, a taxi, a bus journey and then a drive I finally reach Little Ferry, their gorgeous house next to Loch Fleet.

You may know how I feel about going up North from my post about Ollie's Graduation in Durham. However somehow I wasn't filled with as much dread about heading up to Scotland. This is most likely down to Harry's texts: "Emma it's so hot up here, you'll love it! Been sunbathing all day!!" Harry is known for his exaggerating, and although it wasn't raining, it was by no means sunbathing weather. Nevertheless the sun was shining and it was really beautiful. 

Tea and cake were followed by a lovely dinner and long sleep before the early start to go fishing the following day.

I personally think I'm spoilt at home: I get my washing, cleaning and dinner all done for me. However Harry, George and their little sister Alice are particularly lucky- they are woken up with a cup of tea every morning. I'm not just talking about any tea- it boasted the optimum tea temperature, the perfect dosage of milk and a beautifully aromatic mixed blend of English Breakfast with a little something else... (personally I think it was Lapsang but the secret ingredient was never revealed to me!)

So with a couple of teas down, waterproofs on, packed lunches tucked nicely into my backpack, I was totally ready for my fun-fishy-filled-day ahead of me; it was like I was born to fish.

Harry and his dad, Patrick rowed boats from the other side of the Loch for our fishing outing.

Harry and Dom were in charge of our boat. I have been fishing before, but only for about an hour in Wales with Sarah. So the boys told me to do some dapping to start off with. 

It was totally Notebook-esque. Here I was, chilling on my row boat whilst the boys were powering to the edge of the Loch.

After about half an hour of no luck (although a few takes) we decided to chill on the shores with their gorgeous lab, Feana.

We ate our packed lunches, had a couple of cups of tea each (from Kelly Kettle- such an ingenious idea!) and headed back to Little Ferry.

The views over Loch Fleet from Little Ferry.

The following day Dom unfortunately had to head back home and Harry and I decided we would climb up Ben Bragghie, which once you get to the top boasts panoramic views of Golspie.

At this point, I refused to get in the photo with Harry. Let's just say it was pretty challenging climb.

Three hours of me nattering about my philosophies of life later, we return back to Little Ferry. Cup of tea cradled in palms, we had a lovely snooze in front of Four Weddings and a Funeral, which coincidentally was my choice of film despite the fact that as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.

At the Marriott's, swimming has to be defined. For many this is totally unnecessary as we know what this entails. However when you live in Scotland, you're a bit of a cheat if you say you've been swimming when all you've done is dipped your little toe in. The term 'swimming' according to the Marriott's means you must submerge your head under water and do three strokes. In theory therefore, if you manage to go swimming in Scotland, you're a bit of a badass.

Obviously I'm up for a challenge, so the following day we headed down to the beach. Yes, that is the beach bordering the North Sea. That's right, the marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean.

I approached this situation as I would a plaster. Ripped off my clothes to reveal my full swimsuit (I thought this may give me an extra layer of warmth), ran in avoiding all of the jellyfish, and assuming I looked like a baywatch dreamboat, "swam" for literally what must have been about 5 seconds, ran out like a girl and wrapped myself in a towel. Done- I am officially a badass.

The others apparently thought the water was relatively warm?! Not when you've just been basking in the Med, love.

We came across a Lion's Mane Jellyfish.

And continued to crunch our way along the untouched sand.

The rest of the days we played badminton, monopoly, we read out books and did a touch of gardening. It was so refreshing staying with a family who are so unbelievably functional: tea everyday on the dot, long chatty dinners and relaxed afternoons enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
Harry's birthday was on the Friday night; our last night before we headed down to our friends 21st. This was my second time swimming, which was not-so-surprisingly warmer after we hit Golspie's finest pub, the Ben Bragghie.

On my final day I was taken to Dunrobin Castle where the Sutherland family used to live. We didn't do a very long tour around the castle, as although it was beautiful, the real spectacle was the falcon show at 11am.

The sky was genuinely this blue, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous last day in Scotland.

Scotland, you have treated me so spectacularly well. Can I come back soon...? Please?

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  1. This is such a gorgeous post! The pictures on the Loch look like some kind of Barbour/Hunter advert :) I'm at university in Scotland & this post made me very excited to go back. Glad you had a good time!

    partyatgatsbys.me x

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! It was so lovely. Had a look at your blog it looks great! x

  2. awesome and lovely post! enjoyed reading it :) cool blog layout too!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?
    let me know :)
    - Janine

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