Thursday, 15 August 2013

Otranto, Puglia

After a couple of days relaxing at our Oasis Amongst Olive Groves we decided we needed to get out and about and explore the area. Only half an hour's drive away was the beautiful town of Otranto.

Parking our van obviously took longer than expected even with the help of a couple of burley Italian men, but soon enough we were wandering down the streets and within reach of the sparkling Med.

I love how the Italians are quite happy to plonk themselves anywhere to sunbathe. Be it a rock, boat, beach or pavement.

We had a gander through the streets, making our way up to the castle.

I'm not a massive one for walking about; that is, if I would rather be sunbathing instead. When we go on our big adventures I am totally fine with it; I am prepared to go in and out of castles, explore small shops, if you're lucky I might even check out some cool sculptures. However, this was definitely not something on the cards for this little trip. I had conjured up images of pizza, narrow alley ways, wine and sunshine... and especially ice cream or gelato. Therefore, I was not at all interested in going in and out of some big fortified building whilst a gelataria was calling my name at the bottom of the hill. Once something is in my mind, it won't go away. So off Adam and I trotted like little pigs towards the ice cream shop.

And we certainly were not disappointed.... although it did melt within seconds of leaving the overly air-conditioned store.

Wine was also something that I think of when someone says Italy. If you have read my Wine Course post, you will know I have a soft spot for wine- a very big one. So when I saw this.....

..... I got pretty excited to say the least. For some of you, these may just be big metallic barrels; for me these are big metallic barrels full of local Otranto wine.. and not only that- it was only €2 per litre! Fabulous. Mummy and I walked home tremendously pleased with our little find.

Nothing goes better with some local Italian wine than a big delicious home-cooked Italian meal al fresco. (Oh- and of course friends and family to share it with!)

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